Flyer Distributions


BroadNet Technologies has a team for flyer distribution all over Lebanon. Take control of your advertising budget with Door to Door flyer distribution. Our flyer distribution services get better results than the typical forms of advertising including television, radio, newspaper, billboards, and the yellow pages.  Our services can effectively be used for:
  • Deliver repeatedly to a certain target area or to a specific type of community

  • Grand openings

  • Delivery areas

  • Parties

  • Real Estate farm area's

  • Community Info

  • Restaurants

  • Day spas

  • anything that needs to be advertised in the community

  • Flyers - the most common way of mass advertising campaign. Their distribution in places where potential customers and direct mail gives good results with a relatively small advertising budget

  • Flyers can be introductory, giving brief information about the company and thematic - advertise a specific product or service, indicating that seasonal promotions, discounts, etc

  • Flyer - a flexible tool for sales management, allowing you to quickly affect the activity and interest of potential customers

  • Design flyers, as a rule, different colorful, bright, lack of large amounts of textual information. For greater presentability, they are printed on designer paper

  • Digital printing of flyers is recommended in cases where you need to quickly print a small edition


To calculate the order for the production of booklets, brochures, flyers, leaflets or other printed products please contact our managers who will provide you with the best printing method according to the parameters of your circulation